Wiktionary:Word of the day/2020/January 12

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Word of the day
for January 12
recondite adj
  1. Of areas of discussion or research: difficult, obscure.
    1. Difficult to grasp or understand; abstruse, profound.
    2. Little known; esoteric, secret.
    3. Of scholars: having mastery over one's field, including its esoteric minutiae; learned.
    4. Of writers: deliberately employing abstruse or esoteric allusions or references; intentionally obscure.
  2. (somewhat archaic) Hidden or removed from view.
  3. (botany, entomology, obsolete, rare) Of a structure: difficult to see, especially because it is hidden by another structure.
  4. (chiefly zoology, rare) Avoiding notice (particularly human notice); having a tendency to hide; shy.
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