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From adventure +‎ -er.


  • (US): IPA(key): /ædˈvɛn.tʃɚ.ɚ/
  • (file)


adventurer (plural adventurers)

  1. One who enjoys adventures.
    • 2013 January 1, Nancy Langston, “The Fraught History of a Watery World”, in American Scientist[1], volume 101, number 1, page 59:
      European adventurers found themselves within a watery world, a tapestry of streams, channels, wetlands, lakes and lush riparian meadows enriched by floodwaters from the Mississippi River.
  2. A person who seeks a fortune in new and possibly dangerous enterprises.
  3. A soldier of fortune, a speculator.
  4. A person who tries to advance their social position by somewhat devious means
  5. (video games) A player of adventure games or text adventures.
    • 1983, PC Mag (volume 2, number 2, July 1983, page 351)
      Meanwhile, the ranks of adventurers grow, be they manic puzzle-solvers or people like me, who like to look under the Robners' beds just for the hell of it.
    • 1992, Tim Kemp, Microfair Madness (game review in Your Sinclair issue 75, March 1992)
      It's a challenging game for the inexperienced adventurer, and should even give the hardened pros a bit of a run for their money.


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