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Etymology edit

From Middle Irish abaid, from Old Irish apaig (compare Manx appee, Scottish Gaelic abaich), from ad- + boingid (to reap, pluck).

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Adjective edit

aibí (genitive singular feminine aibí or aipche, comparative aibí or aipche)

  1. ripe; mature
    Synonym: abúil
    Antonym: anabaí
    babhla torthaí aibía bowl of ripe fruit
  2. smart; clever
  3. quick
  4. lively
  5. crisp
    aer aibí na maidinethe crisp air of the morning

Declension edit

Nonstandard declension

Derived terms edit

Related terms edit

  • aibigh (ripen, mature, verb)

Mutation edit

Irish mutation
Radical Eclipsis with h-prothesis with t-prothesis
aibí n-aibí haibí not applicable
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

References edit

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