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Airbridges at Heathrow Airport, London
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air +‎ bridge


airbridge ‎(plural airbridges)

  1. An aerobridge or jetway, a telescoping corridor from an airport terminal to an aircraft for secure boarding and disembarkation.
  2. The route and aircraft used to deliver material by an airlift.
  3. (integrated circuits) A conductor on an integrated circuit that crosses over other conductors with an air gap introduced between in the wafer manufacturing process.
    The Schottky contact is connected to the anode pad using a Gold airbridge.
    • 1985, Jeffrey Frey, K. B. Bhasin, Microwave integrated circuits, page 273:
      Figure 3a shows the process flow for an air dielectric cross-over or air bridge
    • 1986, General Electric Company (Great Britain), The GEC journal of research, volume 4, page 107:
      An airbridge is essentially a thick plated strap which crosses over one or several conductors with an air gap in between for low parasitic coupling
    • 1988, Joseph Mun, GaAs integrated circuits, page 216:
      Here the so-called 'air-bridge' crossover is useful. This crossover consists of a deposited strap which crosses over one or more conductors with an air gap in between for low capacitive coupling.