at the end of the day



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Prepositional phraseEdit

at the end of the day

  1. (idiomatic) In summary; ultimately.
    • 1991, Charles Krauthammer, "Why Arms Control Is Obsolete," Time, 5 Aug.:
      Arms control was always something between a sham and a sideshow. . . . [A]t the end of the day, a democratic Russia integrated into the West becomes no more a nuclear threat to us than Britain or France.
    • 2009, Levi Folk, "'Goldilocks' dollar is happy here," Financial Post (Canada), 24 Feb. (retrieved 25 Feb. 2009):
      At the end of the day, it is commodities that will have the biggest impact on the Canadian dollar over the next year.



  • German: am Ende des Tages (calque)