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See also: audzināšanā



From audzinā(t) (to bring up, to educate) +‎ -šana.


audzināšana f (4th declension)

  1. education, educating (the process of educating, bringing up; set of methods used to educate); verbal noun of audzināt
    audzināšanas metodes — methods of education
    jaunatnes audzināšanas uzdevumi — the tasks of the education of youth
    audzināšana ģimenē, darbāeducation in the family, at work
    fiziskā audzināšana — physical education
  2. education, forming, shaping (the process of influencing or orienting the mental and spiritual growth of individuals in a desired direction, following certain principles)
    komunistiskā audzināšana — communist education
    estētiskā audzināšana — aesthetical education
  3. development, nurturing (the process of developing a skill, a quality, a feeling)
    atbildības un pienākuma apziņas audzināšana — the development, nurturing of responsibility and a senes of duty



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