Etymology 1Edit

bass +‎ -y


bassy (comparative bassier, superlative bassiest)

  1. Describing the reproduction of sound that overemphasizes low-frequency sounds

Etymology 2Edit


bassy (plural bassies)

  1. (MLE, slang) machete, dirk, rambo
    • 2016 June 28, Loski (lyrics), “Hazards”, performed by Loski:
      I still make man panic, true I'm way to wassy
      Before I smoke, I used to step with bassy
      And back then my dip dip was large
      Why you think it’s bassy I called it, why you think it’s bassy I called it
      And what's all the gossip
      I got Madeleine and Jackson 5 in the trap house you know that I chop it