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blow this for a game of soldiers



blow this for a game of soldiers

  1. Expressing exasperation or impatience with a situation.
    • 1941, James Lansdale Hodson, Through the dark night: being some account of a war correspondent's journey, meetings and what was said to him in France, Britain, and Flanders during 1939-40, V. Gollancz Ltd., page 343:
      In the middle of a very hot mixed-up fight one of our men remarked drily on his radio "What price this for a game of soldiers!"
    • 1952, Forging the link: a handbook of Hashomer Hatzair, Hashomer Hatzair, page 108:
      A cold gust of wind fans your face, you shiver slightly, you have been standing still, "get moving," you say to yourself, only another hour to do, the rifle is heavy, brrrr, blow this for a game of soldiers, they have no consideration at all.