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Entered use 1900–05, origin Unknown


bonzer (comparative more bonzer, superlative most bonzer)

  1. (Australia) Remarkable; wonderful.
    • 1915, Young Men's Christian Associations. International Committee, For the millions of men now under arms, volume 2:
      To see their faces brighten and to hear their 'Thanks Cobber, that was bonzer!' was a joy
    • 1916, C. J. Dennis, "In Spadger′s Lane", in The Moods of Ginger Mick, 2009, Sydney University Press, page 36:
      To all the earth she gives the soft glad-eye;
      She picks no fav′rits in this world o′ men;
      She peeps in nooks, where ′appy lovers sigh,
      To make their joy more bonzer still; an′ then,
      O′er Spadger′s Lane she waves a podgy ′and,
      An′ turns the scowlin′ slums to Fairyland.
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, New York: D. Appleton-Century, 1943, Chapter XIII, p. 220,[1]
      You’ll make the bonzerest couple ever seen this side the Tropic.
    • 1945, Doglas Stewart (editor), Coast to Coast: Australian Stories 1945[2], page 51:
      By cripes, you couldn′t have a more bonzer place for doing the thing in style with girls.
    • 1991, Noel Virtue, Always the Islands of Memory[3], page 148:
      Inside sat one of the most bonzer sights she′d ever seen.
    • 2006, Philippa Todd, Dangerous Dating, page 110:
      The sadness about his father left his face, and he smiled. He seemed pleased to have something positive to do. / 'That's bonzer, Annie. Thanks' he said. 'You're a good sort. And as for Ches, well, he's real bonzer too.'
    • 2007, Eric Stone, The Living Room of the Dead, page 252:
      If playin' hero is so bonzer, what're you doin' in this job? Y'oughta be workin' for one o' those scandal rags, or with a crowd o' do-gooders, or for some investigation outfit or somethin'.


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