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From Old Spanish cumplir, complir, from Latin complēre, present active infinitive of compleō (however, the preservation of the -pl-, in comparison to henchir from implēre, indicates the word did not completely undergo a popular phonetic evolution, and a more conservative pronunciation was preserved, probably due to use among the learned upper classes[1]). Compare Portuguese cumprir.


cumplir (first-person singular present cumplo, first-person singular preterite cumplí, past participle cumplido)

  1. to fulfil
  2. to complete
  3. to turn a certain age (usually succeeded by los)
    Cumplí los 18 años el mes pasado.
    I turned 18 last month.
    Ella vivió con sus padres hasta cumplir los 20 años.
    She lived with her parents until she turned 20.


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