Tagalog cardinal numbers
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    Cardinal : dalawa
    Ordinal : pangalawa

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From earlier dalua, from earlier *darua < *dadua, from Proto-Central Philippine *da-duha (with irregular loss of *h), from Proto-Philippine *da-duha, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *da-duha, from Proto-Austronesian *da-duSa.


  • Hyphenation: da‧la‧wa
  • IPA(key): /dalaˈwa/, [dɐ.lɐˈwa]


dalawá (Baybayin spelling ᜇᜎᜏ)

  1. two
    Synonym: dos

Usage notesEdit

  • To describe the quantity of something, the number is placed before the noun and affixed with a -ng when the word ends with a vowel, and a separate word na for a consonant.
    Isang saging, dalawang pinya
    Apat na mansanas, anim na mangga

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