See also: demi-, Demi, and de-mi

English edit

Etymology edit

From Middle English demi, from Anglo-Norman demi, from Latin dimidius. Literally, half.

Pronunciation edit

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Noun edit

demi (plural demis)

  1. Alternative spelling of demy.
  2. (slang) A fifty pence piece.
  3. A bottle of wine containing 0.375 liters of fluid, half the volume of a standard bottle; a split.
  4. A small glass used chiefly in France (especially for beer) holding 250 mililiters.
    • 1928, Jean Rhys, Quartet, Penguin, published 2000, page 34:
      The place was empty save for a big man who was sitting opposite drinking a demi of dark beer.
    • 2012, Time Out Paris, London: Time Out Guides, →ISBN, page 234:
      A croque-monsieur will set you back €6, a steak €12.50, and a demi of Stella €3.

Adjective edit

demi (comparative more demi, superlative most demi)

  1. (informal) Demisexual.
    • 2017, Tayari Jones, Atlanta Noir, →ISBN:
      “[...] I totally think she's demi.” “What?” “Demisexual? She only likes fucking people she's in love with, whereas I,” Maddie said, moving closer to Jordan, “like fucking anything and anyone. Everyone has such hang-ups about sex, it's like pathetic, you know? We are just, like, totally animals after all, evolved monkeys. I'm all for giving in to my primal instincts.”

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French edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Vulgar Latin *dimedius, from Latin dīmidius.

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

demi (feminine demie, masculine plural demis, feminine plural demies)

  1. half

Noun edit

French numbers (edit)
 ←  1 2 3  → 
    Cardinal: deux
    Ordinal: deuxième, second
    Ordinal abbreviation: 2e, 2d, (nonstandard) 2ème
    Multiplier: double
    Fractional: demi, moitié

demi m (plural demis)

  1. half (fraction)
  2. (used in time) half (half-hour)
    Il est cinq heures et demie.
    It is half past five.
    Elle sera là dans une demi-heure.
    She will be here in half an hour.
    (where “demi” indicates a fraction and where there is no agreement in gender and number)
  3. (Polynesia, France) a person of multiracial descent, usually a person with French and other non-European origin; mixed-race
  4. a glass of beer of 250 ml volume
  5. (Quebec, real estate) bathroom
    Appartements 3 1/2 pièces à louer à Montréal
    3.5 room apartments (an apartment unit with a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room, plus a bathroom) for rent in Montreal

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Indonesian edit

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  1. for the sake of

Latin edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

See dēmō (I remove, take away, or subtract).

Verb edit


  1. present passive infinitive of dēmō

Etymology 2 edit

See dēmos (a tract of land”, “[the common] people).

Noun edit

dēmī m

  1. inflection of dēmos:
    1. genitive singular
    2. nominative/vocative plural

Turkish edit

Phrase edit


  1. Misspelling of de mi.
    • 2023 January 9,[1], archived from the original on January 11, 2023:
      şıkka bak “sen demi” puahahwhajaahsjs
      look at the option "youtoo?" hahahah
  2. Nonstandard spelling of değil mi.
    Synonym: dimi