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A United States dime.


  • IPA(key): /daɪm/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -aɪm

Etymology 1Edit

From French dîme (one tenth, tithe), from Latin decimus (tenth)


dime (plural dimes)

  1. (US) A coin worth one-tenth of a U.S. dollar.
  2. (Canada) A coin worth one-tenth of a Canadian dollar.
  3. (Canada, US) A small amount of money
    She didn't spend a dime.
  4. (US, basketball) An assist
  5. (slang) A playing card with the rank of ten
  6. (slang) Ten dollars
  7. (slang) A thousand dollars
  8. (slang) A measurement of illicit drugs (usually marijuana) sold in ten dollar bags.
  9. (slang) Payment responsibility
    Are you traveling on the company's dime?
  10. (US, slang) A beautiful woman (10 on a 10-point scale)
    • 2005, Jordan Houston, Darnell Carlton, Paul Beauregard, Premro Smith, Marlon Goodwin, David Brown, and Willie Hutchinson (lyrics), “Stay Fly”, in Most Known Unknown[1], Sony BMG, performed by Three 6 Mafia (featuring Young Buck, 8 Ball, and MJG):
      Make a couple of nuns a couple of dimes.
  11. (American football) A defensive formation with six defensive backs, one of whom is a dimeback.
  • (coin): ten cent piece (Used in other countries with dollars and cents currencies)
  • (thousand dollars): grand
Derived termsEdit
Terms derived from dime (noun)
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Etymology 2Edit

From the use of the coin in a payphone to report a crime to the police. US payphones charged 10¢ in almost all jurisdictions until the late 1970s.


dime (third-person singular simple present dimes, present participle diming, simple past and past participle dimed)

  1. (US, slang, with "on") To inform on, to turn in to the authorities, to rat on, especially anonymously.
    Somebody dimed on me and I got arrested for selling marijuana.
  2. (US, slang) To operate an audio amplifier (especially an electric guitar amplifier) at level "10" (typically the highest amplification level).
    I get the best-sounding sustain and smooth harmonic distortion when I run the amp dimed.




dime f

  1. plural of dima





  1. Compound of the informal second-person singular () affirmative imperative form of decir, di and the pronoun me.
    Tell me!

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