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Etymology 1Edit

Presumably from dime (the U.S. ten-cent coin) +‎ -ed.


dimed (not comparable)

  1. (slang) (of an electric guitar or its amplifier) At volume setting 10 (the loudest).
    • 1998 January 6, Rory McQuillan, "Gear: Does anyone use tone controls on their guitar?", bit.listserv.blues-l, Usenet,
      "I asked […] how they adjusted the tone controls on their guitars. They both told me the same thing, that they dimed 'em and adjusted their tone at the amp."
    • 1998 February 15, Milan Plechata, "Re: DIMED- N.J. Slang??", alt.guitar, Usenet,
      "Using dimed to mean at ten or full volume is pretty common here in South Carolina, too. I've been hearing it for years, now."
    • 2002 January 17, ryanm, "Re: Most appropriate Marshall guitar amp for studio",, Usenet,
      "The only way you're going to get the 'dimed marshal plexi' sound is with a dimed marshall plexi. It's gotta be non-master, though, and you have to put all the knobs on 10."
    • 2007 February 13, Jim, "Re: A question about amp volume.", alt.guitar, Usenet,
      "Tell us why many amps will give a warmer, smoother tone with preamp volume dimed and guitar volume down (as compared to guitar on 10, then turning up the amp)."

Etymology 2Edit

From the verb dime.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of dime

Norwegian NynorskEdit


From di (that) +‎ med (with).




  1. thus, therefore
    Dei tok ikkje med seg nok niste, dimed laut dei snu.
    They did not bring enough provisions; thus they had to return.