down to

See also: downto



down to

  1. Next to; near; towards; as far as.
    Go down to the shops.
  2. Ready to (do something specified).
  3. With no one/nothing remaining but.
    I'm down to my last few sleeping pills.
  4. Due to.
    What type of person you become is down to you.
    So I guess the cooking is now down to me.
    • 1966, The Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb
      It's down to me, the way she talks when she's spoken to / Down to me, the change has come, she's under my thumb.
    • 2005, Stel Pavlou, Decipher:
      The intermittent signal dropout was down to a faulty connection which he'd fixed in seconds.
    • 2011 May 16, James Mitchell Crow, “First signs of ozone-hole recovery spotted”, in Nature:
      That difficulty is down to significant natural variations in average Antarctic stratospheric springtime ozone levels from year to year
  5. Including even the smallest parts.
    We checked everything down to the last/smallest detail.