See also: ÉNy, -eny, and -ény

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  1. Pronunciation spelling of any.
    • 1862, Various, Continental Monthly, Vol. II. July, 1862. No. 1.[1]:
      FREE--and that the schulehouses war a d--d sight thicker than the bugs in Miles Privett's beds! and thet's saying a heap, for ef eny on you kin sleep in his house, excep' he takes to the soft side of the floor, I'm d--d.
    • 1893, C. C. Goodwin, The Wedge of Gold[2]:
      Ther stranger pays fur eny bow they make, for any smile they give.
    • 1912, Al. G. Field, Watch Yourself Go By[3]:
      Why, he kin sing eny song and do ent cut-up antik eny of 'em kin.
    • 1916, Peggy Edmund, Harold W. Williams, compilers, Toaster's Handbook[4]:
      "Does de white folks in youah neighborhood keep eny chickens, Br'er Rastus?"
  2. Obsolete spelling of any

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Kari'na edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Cariban *ônɨ; compare Apalaí seny, Carijona enï, Trió senï, Wayana sin, Waiwai on, Macushi seni, Pemon senü.

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Pronoun edit


  1. the inanimate singular invisible proximal demonstrative pronoun; this (that I can’t see), this (somewhere around here)

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References edit

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  1. yes