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From eye +‎ ball. Compare Middle English balle off the eye, balle of þe eyȝe (eyeball, literally ball of the eye).


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eyeball (plural eyeballs)

  1. the ball of the eye
  2. (CB, slang) a meeting
    We had an eyeball last year.
  3. (Marketing, in the plural) readership or viewership

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eyeball (third-person singular simple present eyeballs, present participle eyeballing, simple past and past participle eyeballed)

  1. To gauge, estimate or judge by eye, rather than measuring precisely; to look or glance at.
    A good cook can often just eyeball the correct quantities of ingredients.
    Each geometric construction must be exact; eyeballing it and getting close does not count.
  2. To scrutinize
  3. To stare at intently
    Are you eyeballing my girl?
  4. To roll one's eyes.
    • 2018 April 10, Daniel Taylor, “Liverpool go through after Mohamed Salah stops Manchester City fightback”, in The Guardian (London)[1]:
      Guardiola strode on to the pitch at half-time to remonstrate with the Spanish referee, Antonio Mateu Lahoz, but went too far with his eyeballing and matador-like hand movements. He was “upstairs”, in the Colin Bell stand, to watch Liverpool’s second-half turnaround and a dismal seven days for City take another turn for the worse.

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