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fel- +‎ dolgoz


  • IPA(key): [ˈfɛldolɡoz]
  • Hyphenation: fel‧dol‧goz
  • Rhymes: -oz



  1. (transitive) to process, prepare (into something: -vá/-vé) (to put a material through a process in order to create articles for personal use)
    A cukorrépát fehércukorrá dolgozták fel.The sugarbeet was processed into white sugar.
  2. (transitive, of a living organism) to process, digest (to separate the food in its passage through the alimentary canal into the nutritive and nonnutritive elements)
  3. (transitive, computing) to process (to manipulate data using computer techniques)
  4. (transitive, of a topic) to adapt a topic into a written or musical work
    zenekarra feldolgozto orchestrate
    regénnyé feldolgozto novelize
  5. (transitive) to cover (to make a cover version of a song that was originally recorded by another artist)
  6. (transitive) to process, digest, come to terms with, sort out (to think about a piece of information, or a concept, in order to assimilate it, and perhaps accept)
    Nehezen tudta feldolgozni a kudarcát.S/he had a hard time to process his/her failure.
  7. (transitive, reflexive, with magát) to work one's way up (to something: -ba/-be) (to gradually ascend to a higher professional position with hard work and accomplishments)
    Évekbe telik, míg az ember feldolgozza magát ebbe a pozícióba.It takes years to work one's way up to this position.


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