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From Middle French adapter, from Latin adaptare (to fit to), from ad (to) + aptare (to make fit), from aptus (fit); see apt.



adapt (third-person singular simple present adapts, present participle adapting, simple past and past participle adapted)

  1. (transitive) To make suitable; to make to correspond; to fit or suit
    Synonyms: proportion
  2. (transitive) To fit by alteration; to modify or remodel for a different purpose; to adjust
    to adapt a story for the stage
    to adapt an old machine to a new manufacture
  3. (transitive) To make by altering or fitting something else; to produce by change of form or character
    to bring out a play adapted from the French
    a word of an adapted form
  4. (intransitive) To change oneself so as to be adapted.
    They could not adapt to the new climate and so perished.

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adapt (comparative more adapt, superlative most adapt)

  1. Adapted; fit; suited; suitable.
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