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  1. (case suffix) Used to form the translative case. It indicates a change in state with the general sense of "becoming X" or "change to X".
    (stone) dermed - become petrified

Usage notesEdit

  • (case suffix) Harmonic variants:
    -vá is added to back vowel nouns. Final -a changes to -á-.
    kutya (dog)A varázsgyűrű kutyá változtatja az embert. - The enchanted ring transforms people into dogs.
    -vé is added to front vowel nouns. Final -e changes to -é-.
    medve (bear)Héra medvé változtatta Kallisztót. - Hera transformed Callisto into a bear.
  • When it is added to a word ending in a consonant, the v assimilates with the final consonant, and the final consonant becomes long:
    bolond (fool) + -váBolond tett engem. - He made a fool out of me.
    hűvös (cold) + -véAz idő hűvös vált. - The weather turned to cold.

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