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free spirit (plural free spirits)

  1. One who is a nonconformist or who does not recognize the authority of others.
    • 1904, Jack London, chapter 26, in The Sea Wolf:
      But Lucifer was a free spirit. To serve was to suffocate.
    • 1959 October 19, “Books: Rake's Progress”, in Time[1]:
      Writing in the Victorian era, Scientist Ellis (Psychology of Sex) idolized Casanova as a free spirit, a man who had the courage to live life fully, and as a shining example of "adjustment"—for Casanova adapted himself so easily to his own desires.
    • 2011 July 27, Williams, Alex, “What Your Beard Says About You”, in New York Times[2], retrieved 29 July 2011:
      To many bosses, a beard is a dangerous sign, like a neck tattoo or a pierced nose, that says, “I am a free spirit, not a team player.”