From gas +‎ bag.


gasbag ‎(plural gasbags)

  1. A bag or bladder to hold a reservoir of gas, as in a hot-air balloon.
    • 1914: Eric Henry Stuart Bruce, Aircraft in War [1]
      By this method of construction a considerable amount of support can be imparted to the gasbag, though it does not dispense with the services of the ballonet, as does the entirely rigid type.
  2. Metaphorically, a person who is overly garrulous or prone to making empty, unsupportable statements.
    • 1911: Edward Everett Hale, Dramatists of To-day: Rostand, Hauptmann, Sudermann, Pinero, Shaw, Phillips, Maeterlinck [2]
      Not that the Reverend James is absolutely a pretentious gasbag any more than Marchbanks is an inspired prophet. He has a definite, a positive part in the world's work.
    • 2012, The Economist, 13th Oct 2012, Working from home: Out of sight, out of mind
      Most, however, do real work, undistracted by meetings and gasbag colleagues.




gasbag ‎(third-person singular simple present gasbags, present participle gasbagging, simple past and past participle gasbagged)

  1. (intransitive) To speak foolishly, pompously, or at length; to blather.
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