at length


Prepositional phraseEdit

at length

  1. For a long time.
    He went on at length about his supposed qualifications.
  2. (formal or dated) At last, finally, eventually.
    She led us through the tunnels for some time, until at length we reached a small door in the rock.
    • 1898, Falkner, J. Meade, chapter 4, in Moonfleet:
      How long I slept I cannot tell, for I had nothing to guide me to the time, but woke at length, and found myself still in darkness.
  3. (archaic) In full; without omission or abbreviation.
    • 1800, Francis Vincent, United States Register, page 4:
      The proceedings of Congress are not given, since they are inserted at length in the "Congressional Globe;" but the principal bills are noticed under the date of their passage.