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Alteration of gibbonet.


gibnut (plural gibnuts)

  1. (Belize) A paca (large rodent).
    • 1883, Archibald Robertson Gibbs, British Honduras: An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Colony from Its Settlement, 1670:
      The woods abound in game and wild animals, the small red deer, ten varieties of wild hog, the peccary (Dicotyles labiatus) and waree (a mere variety), the paca (Ooelogenys subnigra), a burrowing animal locally called gibbonet or gibnut, considered good eating []
    • 2003, Richard Harris, Hidden Belize: Including Tikal, Copan, and the Cayes:
      One reason people come to Belize is for adventure. That's why you might want to try gibnut, bamboo chicken and cow's foot soup.
    • 2009, Joan Fry, How to Cook a Tapir: A Memoir of Belize, page 77:
      The three men had bagged an iguana and two gibnuts. Except for the spots on their backs, the gibnuts resembled twenty-pound guinea pigs.
    • 2009 December 7, “Illegal Xatero in Chiquibul Busted on Camera”, in 7 News Belize[1]:
      But what he knows to do is hunt gibnut as was amply demonstrated when he opened his sack. A pair of gibnuts but he didn’t use the gun on them, he smoked them out of a tree bark and used the machete and bundled them for good measure with a few xate leaves.
    • 2011, Helen R. Haines, Adventures In Eating:
      In the case of gibnut (Agouti paca), however, my memories are occupied predominately with my efforts to avoid eating this creature.