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have it (third-person singular simple present has it, present participle having it, simple past and past participle had it)

  1. To understand or believe.
    Conventional wisdom has it that heat rises, but in fact heat diffuses: hot air rises.
  2. (often in the negative) To accept (an excuse, a behavior, etc).
    • 2010, Nduka Onwuegbute, Masters of the Confluence, page 19:
      Like her growing mid section, the stone was bulging in the middle. She had seen it as she walked out of Ngozi's palace. Ngozi had grilled her about who the father of her baby was, since she was known to be unmarried. Uzo'ma had insisted on keeping the identity of the father secret and Ngozi was not having it.
    He tried to make excuses but she wouldn't have it / was not having it / was having none of it.

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