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heavy-handed (comparative more heavy-handed, superlative most heavy-handed)

  1. Clumsy, awkward.
    • 2012, Margaret Powell, The Downstairs Cookbook, →ISBN:
      Some people say, 'I can't make pastry, I'm too heavy-handed.'
  2. Excessive, overdone.
    • 2015, Suzanne Lenzer, Truly Madly Pizza, →ISBN:
      However, recently I got a little heavy-handed with the red pepper flakes.
    Do not be too heavy-handed with the salt.
  3. Simplistic, lacking subtlety or nuance.
    • 2005, Nicholas Rombes, The Ramones' Ramones, →ISBN:
      ...punk “music has been, and still is, one of the most heavy-handed genres of music there is. Unfortunately the topics of such heavy-handed songs are almost always seeped in left wing propaganda, bumper sticker rallying calls and oversimplifications of otherwise complex topics."
  4. Overbearing; pushy and coercive.
    • 2014, Jayne Ann Krentz, River Road, →ISBN:
      Heavy-handed, huh? Is that by any chance your way of telling me that I'm a bad communicator?" "No, it's my way of telling you that you obviously haven't shaken the take-charge attitude."
  5. Extreme; unnecessarily forceful; harsh, oppressive, and cruel.
    • 2015, John D. Visconti, Fetch More Dollars For Your Dog Training Business, →ISBN:
      I cite how ineffective heavy-handed training methods are due to the physiological state of high arousal and avoidance behaviors they cause in dogs.


Derived termsEdit