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heel +‎ -er


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heeler (plural heelers)

  1. A gamecock that strikes well with its heels or spurs.
  2. A quick runner.
    • 1891, Banjo Paterson, An Evening in Dandaloo
      That a crowd of Sydney stealers,
      Jockeys, pugilists and spielers
      Brought some horses, real heelers,
      Came and put us through.
  3. A dog that readily comes to heel.
    • 1999, Ted Baer, Communicating with Your Dog: A Humane Approach to Dog Training
      If your dog is a good heeler, you'll find some competition in the obedience ring.
  4. (US, slang, politics, dated) A dependent and subservient hanger-on of a political patron.
    • The Century
      The army of hungry heelers who do their bidding.
  5. The rodeo performer who ropes the steer by its hind feet after the header has turned it.