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A helicopter (aircraft).
a samara or helicopter

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Borrowed from French hélicoptère, from Ancient Greek ἕλιξ (hélix, spiral) +‎ πτερόν (pterón, wing). Doublet of helicopteron. By surface analysis, helico- +‎ -pter. The dragonfly sense is from a dragonfly's ability to hover and fly in any direction, like the flying machine.

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helicopter (plural helicopters)

  1. (aviation) An aircraft that is borne along by one or more sets of long rotating blades which allow it to hover, move in any direction including reverse, or land; and typically having a smaller set of blades on its tail to stabilize the aircraft.
    Hypernym: aircraft
    We flew over the city in a helicopter.
  2. A powered troweling machine with spinning blades used to spread concrete.
  3. (botany) The winged fruit of certain trees, such as ash, elm, and maple.
  4. (zoology, slang) A dragonfly; so named due to its resemblance to a helicopter (sense 1).
  5. A whirling trick performed with devil sticks.
  6. A breakdance move in which the dancer spins on the floor while extending the legs to resemble the blades of a helicopter.

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  • Amharic: ሄሊኮፕተር (helikoptär)
  • Cebuano: helikopter
  • Malay: helikopter
  • Tagalog: helikopter

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helicopter (third-person singular simple present helicopters, present participle helicoptering, simple past and past participle helicoptered)

  1. (transitive) To transport by helicopter.
    • 2023 November 29, Paul Clifton, “West is best in the Highlands”, in RAIL, number 997, page 40:
      Car drivers were helicoptered to safety from nearby roads. There were photographs of people canoeing down streets.
  2. (intransitive) To travel by helicopter.
  3. To rotate like a helicopter blade.
    helicoptering his jacket, helicoptering his arms
  4. To overprotect one's children, as a helicopter parent does.

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helicopter n (plural helicoptere)

  1. Alternative form of elicopter

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