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lith- +‎ -ic

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lithic (not comparable)

  1. Relating to stone
    lithic architecture
  2. (geology) Relating to rock
  3. (inorganic chemistry) Relating to lithium
  4. (medicine) Relating to the formation of uric acid concretions (stones) in the bladder and other parts of the body
    lithic diathesis
  5. (archaeology, often capitalised) pertaining to Native American culture before circa 8,500 BCE
    Synonym: Paleo-Indian

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lithic (plural lithics)

  1. (anthropology) A stone tool or projectile
  2. A medicine that prevents stone in the bladder.
  3. (geology) A lithic fragment: a piece of another rock eroded down to sand size.
    • 1983, Richard Squires, Mark Filewicz, Cenozoic Geology of the Simi Valley Area, Southern California:
      Silty fine sandstone: poorly sorted; 50% quartz, 30% fossils, 10% lithics, 10% feldspar

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