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Borrowed from French concrétion, or Latin concretio.



concretion (countable and uncountable, plural concretions)

  1. The process of aggregating or coalescing into a mass.
  2. A solid, hard mass formed by a process of aggregation or coalescence.
  3. (petrology) A rounded mass of a mineral, sometimes found in sedimentary rock or on the ocean floor.
    • 1844, Charles Darwin, chapter 5, in Geological Observations on South America:
      Of the three beds, the central one is the most compact, and more like ordinary sandstone: it includes numerous flattened spherical concretions.
  4. The action of making something concrete or the result of such an action.
    • 1860, Nathaniel Hawthorne, chapter 14, in The Marble Faun:
      "My new statue!" said Kenyon. . . . "It is the concretion of a good deal of thought, emotion, and toil of brain and hand."

Usage notesEdit

  • Concretion and concretization are rough synonyms but are usually not used interchangeably. Concretion is more commonly used to refer to a physical object or to the physical process which creates it. Concretization is more commonly used to refer to a particular embodiment of a general concept or to the process which creates it.

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