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még +‎ is


  • IPA(key): [ˈmeːɡiʃ]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: még‧is
  • Rhymes: -iʃ



  1. yet, still, but, however, nevertheless, all the same, notwithstanding, after all (introducing a positive statement in contrast with a negative antecedent; the opposite of mégsem)
    Synonym: mégiscsak (emphatic form)
    Synonyms: de, azonban, viszont, csakhogy, ugyanakkor (quasi-synonyms)
    Kifizette az adósságát, mégis megverték.He paid his debt, nevertheless, he was beaten.
    Mégis busszal kell mennünk, mert a kocsi összetört.We still need to go by bus, as the car got broken.
    (also applicable when returning to a previous idea that has been rejected)
    Mégis meg lehet javítani.It can be repaired, after all.
    (unlike it was previously thought, although it had been possibly hoped that it could be repaired)
  2. (software) redo (as an instruction; its literal meaning can be derived from mégis ezt szeretném “and yet I do want that”; “and yet this is what I want”)

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  • mégsem, (colloquial) mégse (introducing a negative statement in contrast with an affirmative antecedent)

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