Borrowed from Afrikaans mielie, from obsolete Dutch milie (millet, maize), from Old French mil (millet).



mealie (plural mealies)

  1. (South Africa) An ear or kernel of maize; in plural as mass noun: maize, corn.
    • 1897, James Bryce, Impressions of South Africa, p. 90:
      The wants of a native living with his tribe and cultivating mealies or Kafir corn are confined to a kaross (skin cloak) or some pieces of cotton cloth.
    • 1952, Doris Lessing, Martha Quest, Panther 1974, p. 8:
      At the other end of the veranda, on two deck-chairs planted side by side and looking away over the bush and the mealie fields, were Mr. Quest and Mr. Van Rensberg []
    • 1994, Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, p. 10:
      My mother planted and harvested her own mealies.

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