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  1. first-person singular present indicative form of miolar


Alternative formsEdit


14th century. From Old Galician and Old Portuguese meolo, from Vulgar Latin *medullum, from Latin medulla (marrow). Compare Spanish meollo.


  • IPA(key): /miˈolo̝/, /miˈɔlo̝/


miolo m (plural miolos)

  1. crumb, soft part (of bread etc)
    Synonyms: miga, rafa
  2. marrow
    Synonyms: medula, miolo dos ósos
  3. core or kernel (usually soft)
    Synonyms: cerna, núcleo (usually hard)
  4. (colloquial, in the plural) brain
    • 1370, Ramón Lorenzo (ed.), Crónica troiana. A Coruña: Fundación Barrié, page 692:
      Et despois que o uirõ ajuso, lançárõlle grandes pedras, en tal guisa que lle poserõ os ollos fora et os meolos da cabeça
      And after they saw him there under, they throw large boulders at him, so that his eyes and brain came out of his head
    • 1390, José Luís Pensado Tomé (ed.), Os Miragres de Santiago. Versión gallega del Códice latino del siglo XII atribuido al papa Calisto I. Madrid: C.S.I.C., page 19:
      Entõ leuãtou hũu dos fariseus hũu pao de ferro que tomou et doulle cõ el tã grãde ferida na cabeça et estrulloulle todo los meolos et deitoullos fora
      Then, one of the Pharisees took one rod of iron and raised it and so strongly struck it against his head that he crushed his brain and threw it out
    Synonym: cerebro
  5. (figuratively) judgement, reason

Related termsEdit


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From Old Portuguese meolo, from Vulgar Latin *medullum, from Latin medulla (marrow). Compare Spanish meollo.



miolo m (plural miolos)

  1. crumb; soft part (of bread etc)
  2. marrow
  3. (botany) core; kernel (of a fruit)
  4. (colloquial, in the plural) brain
  5. (figuratively) judgement, reason