moke ‎(plural mokes)

  1. (colloquial, dialectal) A donkey.
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    • 1888, Rudyard Kipling, ‘Only a Subaltern’, Under the Deodars, Folio Society 2005, p. 68:
      the Colonel [...] had asked them why the three stars should he, a colonel of the Line, command a dashed nursery for double-dashed bottle-suckers who put on condemned tin spurs and rode qualified mokes at the hiatused heads of forsaken Black Regiments.
  2. A mesh of a net, or of anything resembling a net.
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  3. (US pejorative slang, now rare) A black person.
  4. A stupid person; a dolt.
  5. (dated, theatrical slang) A performer, such as a minstrel, who plays on several musical instruments.
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