From Arabic نَوَاة(nawāh).


nüvə (definite accusative nüvəni, plural nüvələr)

  1. nucleus
    1. (botany) seed, stone
    2. (cytology) nucleus (an organelle which contains genetic material)
    3. (physics) nucleus (cluster of nucleons)
    4. (biology) nucleus (cluster of neurons)
    5. (astronomy, geology) core (of a planet, star, or galaxy)
    6. (astronomy) nucleus (of a comet)
    7. (computing) core (of a processor)
      prosessorun nüvəsiprocessor core
    8. (computing) kernel (of an operating system)
    9. (physics) cone (of a flame)
      alovun nüvəsicone of a flame
    10. (sociology) core members, activists (in a group)
    11. (mathematics) core (set of allocations that cannot be improved)
    12. (mathematics) kernel (set of all elements mapped to the zero element by a transformation)


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