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Variant form of ne'er a.



nary (not comparable)

  1. Not, never.
    • 1923, Photoplay: The Aristocrat of Motion Picture Magazines
      And all about the room, candles gleaming in branched sconces. Nary one glare of electric light.
    • 2010, Frank Stallone, Stewart Lane[1], page 63:
      I been doin' this chore for nary twenty years since your Pa died
    • 2014, Lori Gertz, When Mama Can't Kiss it Better, A journey of love, loss and acceptance[2]:
      Then, it took her nary ten minutes to diagnose me with adrenal fatigue
    • 2018, Antero Pietila, The Ghosts of Johns Hopkins: The Life and Legacy that Shaped an American City[3]:
      Nary three weeks before, on December 12, Officer Cherylann Young steered a marked Miami-Dade County police cruiser toward the perimeter of MIA, the international airport.

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