French edit

Pronunciation edit

  • (file)

Adjective edit


  1. feminine singular of naval

Italian edit

Etymology edit

From Latin nāvālis, derived from nāvis (boat).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /naˈva.le/
  • Rhymes: -ale
  • Hyphenation: na‧và‧le

Adjective edit

navale (plural navali)

  1. (relational) ship, boat; naval
  2. (relational) sea; marine

Derived terms edit

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Latin edit

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

nāvāle n (genitive nāvālis); third declension

  1. rigging (of a ship), tackle
  2. (in the plural) dock, wharf, shipyard, dockyard

Declension edit

Third-declension noun (neuter, “pure” i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative nāvāle nāvālia
Genitive nāvālis nāvālium
Dative nāvālī nāvālibus
Accusative nāvāle nāvālia
Ablative nāvālī nāvālibus
Vocative nāvāle nāvālia

Adjective edit


  1. nominative/accusative/vocative neuter singular of nāvālis

References edit

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