From an unattested verb *nikt, similar in meaning to the Lithuanian cognate (see below; compare also Latvian dialectal verb nikties (to annoy, to disturb)), formed with an extra -n (compare verb īgt, adjective īgns); *nikt is derived from Proto-Indo-European *nēik-, *nik- (to attack, to start quickly), from Proto-Indo-European *nei- (to be in motion, to be excited; to shine). Cognates include Lithuanian nìkti (to tackle, to get quickly (to work)), Russian проникнуть (proníknut', to penetrate).[1]


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nikns (def. niknais, comp. niknāks, sup. visniknākais; adv. nikni)

  1. (of animals) wild, furious, raging (having a propensity to attack)
    nikns gailis‎ ― wild, angry rooster
    nikns bullis‎ ― wild, raging bull
    nikni suņi klūp man virsū‎ ― wild dogs pounced on me
  2. angry, furious, harsh
    ko tu šodien tik nikns? — why are you so angry today?
    nikns sargs‎ ― angry guard, watch
    “tā!” Janko kļuva arvien niknāks‎ ― “that one!” Janko got angrier and angrier
    Rudmetu Vilis ir tik karsts un nikns... lai kur kāds runā, viņš tūdaļ pretī ar savu‎ ― Rudmetu Vilis is so hot and wild... whenever someone talks, he immediately (goes) against him with his (ideas)
  3. angry, furious, ferocious
    nikns lauvas rēciens‎ ― ferocious lion's roar
    niknas suņa rejas‎ ― angry dog barks
    nikna atbilde‎ ― angry answer
    nikns protests‎ ― angry, furious protest
    katrs vārds ir pilns niknas spītības‎ ― every word is full of angry spite
  4. (figuratively) angry, wild, raging (strong in its effects, dangerous, intense)
    nikna kauja‎ ― wild, raging battle
    nikna apšaude‎ ― furious gunfire
    nikna slimība‎ ― unrelenting disease
    nikns sals‎ ― raging, intense frost
    ārā plosās nikna novembra vētra‎ ― outside a furious november storm was raging



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