nmt (to stride over, traverse) +‎ -t.





  1. stride, march, walking
  2. manner of stepping or walking; gait, stride
    • c. 2061–2010 BCE, Stela of Irtisen, Louvre C14, lines 9–10:
      jw(.j) rḫ.kw šmt twt nmtt rpwt ꜥḥꜥw nw ꜣ mḏw-wꜥ
      I know the gait of a male figure, the stride of a female figure, and the stances of the eleven birds.
  3. journeys, travels
    • Stela of Ikhernofret, Berlin 1204:
      jw jr.n.j prt ꜥꜣt šms.j nṯr r nmtt.f dj.n.j sqd dpt-nṯr
      I conducted (lit. “did”) the great procession, following the god at his travels, and I caused the god’s boat to sail.
  4. procedure, order of proceeding or acting

Alternative formsEdit