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open +‎ -ly



openly (comparative more openly, superlative most openly)

  1. In an open manner, visibly, not covertly.
    • 1945 August 17, George Orwell [pseudonym; Eric Arthur Blair], chapter 1, in Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, London: Secker & Warburg, OCLC 3655473:
      Nevertheless, without openly admitting it, he was devoted to Boxer;
    • 2012 April 26, Tasha Robinson, “Film: Reviews: The Pirates! Band Of Misfits :”, in The Onion AV Club[1]:
      The openly ridiculous plot has The Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant) scheming to win the Pirate Of The Year competition, even though he’s a terrible pirate, far outclassed by rivals voiced by Jeremy Piven and Salma Hayek.
    • 2017 January 20, Donald Trump, “The Inaugural Address”, in The White House[2]:
      We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.