over- +‎ call



overcall (third-person singular simple present overcalls, present participle overcalling, simple past and past participle overcalled)

  1. (poker, bridge) To call a bet after another player has already called
    Jill bet, Tommy called, and Julie overcalled.
  2. (medicine) To diagnose a condition that does not, in fact, exist.
    • 2010, Allen P. Burke & Fabio Tavora, Practical Cardiovascular Pathology, →ISBN, page 12:
      Knowledge of the ultrasound findings is important, and appreciating the fetal ultrasound may often undercall or (more often) overcall anomalies.
    • 2014, Christine U.C. Lee & James Glockner, Mayo Clinic Body MRI Case Review, →ISBN:
      It's also possible to overcall PSC when motion artifact on the long respiratory-triggered acquisitions leads to the appearance of pseudo-strictures.
    • 2015, Syed Z. Ali &Christopher J. VandenBussche, Cytopathology Case Review, →ISBN, page 180:
      Because these lesions often spontaneously regress, care must be taken to not overcall these lesions on FNA.


overcall (plural overcalls)

  1. (poker, bridge) A call which occurs after another player has already called
  2. (contract law) An additional contribution required of investors beyond the initial investment, should unforeseen expenses arise.
    • 1993, Tax Court Memorandum Decisions - Volume 64, page 821:
      Respondent further asserts that the only reason the overcall provision was included in the partnership agreement was to circumvent the provisions of section 465.
    • 2006, Thomas D. Selz, Melvin Simensky, & Patricia Nassif Acton, Entertainment Law: Legal Concepts and Business Practices:
      For the purposes of the Contract, "Production Costs" shall mean the estimated costs of producing the Principal Company (including any contingency reserves), as described in the documents used in connection with the financing of such Company, including costs that may be paid, if permitted by the terms of such documents, by an overcall demand on investors, but not including any weekly expenses.
    • 2012, Dominic McHugh, Loverly: The Life and Times of My Fair Lady, →ISBN:
      On May 23, Levin drew up a suggested deal with CBS, whereby they would put up $300,000 plus an overcall of 20 percent ($60,000); CBS would get the rights to televise the show, while the stage version would get television and radio publicity, with the possibility of television coverage of the opening night.
  3. An extra amount called up beyond the minimum required.
    • 1948, Mardelle L. Clark & Richard H. Eanes, Physical Examination of Selective Service Registrants:
      An overcall should be arranged with Corps Area Headquarters so that a sufficient number of men will be physically examined to produce the net specified on the order referred to above.
    • 1953, United States. Selective Service System, Special Groups - Volume 2, page 15:
      It has been noted that in some States the Negro overcall percentage has been the same as the white overcall percentage.
    • 1956, Aluminum Industry, page 421:
      Was the overcall made with the intent of depriving nonintegrated users aluminum from the new facilities?
  4. An additional creative product that a producer can require at the producer's option during the contract period.
    • 1986, Alan H. Siegel, Breakin' in to the Music Business, →ISBN, page 110:
      Third, the nine-month period between delivery of the overcall recording and the expiration of that particular contract period can and should be reduced.
    • 1990, Wayne Wadhams, Sound Advice: The Musician's Guide to the Record Industry, page 164:
      Most majors require one album in each contract period, with the option to ask for a second, or overcall, album if they wish.
    • 2005, Richard Schulenberg, Legal Aspects of the Music Industry: An Insider's View, page 47:
      Artists should always view contracts referring to overcall recordings with care, if not outright suspicion.
  5. (medicine) A positive diagnosis when there is, in fact, nothing wrong.
    • 2002, Barbara S. Apgar, Gregory L. Brotzman, & Mark Spitzer, Colposcopy, Principles and Practice: An Integrated Textbook and Atlas, →ISBN:
      According to published data, screening with chemiluminescence, as opposed to other light sources, imparts the lowest overcall rate.
    • 2008, Marluce Bibbo & David Wilbur, Comprehensive Cytopathology, →ISBN, page 884:
      However, the rigid cores' appearance on smears and the intact reticulin fiber network on cell block will prevent the overcall.
    • 2009, Edmund S. Cibas & Barbara S. Ducatman, Cytology E-Book: Diagnostic Principles and Clinical Correlates, →ISBN:
      A complete history may be important to avoid making an overcall, although cases of coexisting SQC and pemphigus vulgaris have been reported.