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party spirit (uncountable)

  1. (politics) The unreasonable animosity shown by supporters of a political party toward supporters of other parties.
    • 1838, William Hone, The Every-day Book and Table Book
      Some facetious members of the club gave, in a few years, local notoriety to this election; and, when party spirit ran high in the days of Wilkes and Liberty, it was easy to create an appetite for a burlesque election among the lower orders of the Metropolis.
    • 1868, John Lothrop Motley, Four Questions for the People, at the Presidential Election
      Certainly there have been bitterly contested elections in this country before. Party spirit is always rife, and in such vivid, excitable, disputatious communities as ours are, and I trust always will be, it is the very soul of freedom.

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