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A pedicel within a flower cluster

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From Late Latin pedīcellus, diminutive of pedīculus (foot-stalk or pedicle of a fruit or leaf), diminutive of pēs (foot).

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pedicel (plural pedicels)

  1. (botany) A stalk of an individual flower (or fruit, e.g., once fertilised); a stalk bearing a single flower or spore-producing body within a cluster.
    Synonyms: footstalk, strig
    Coordinate term: peduncle
    • 2004, Martine Dorais, “5: Greenhouse Tomato Fruit Cuticle Cracking”, in Jules Janick, editor, Horticultural Reviews, Volume 30, Wiley, page 170:
      Water flux through the pedicel could also be involved in tomato fruit CC.[cuticle cracking]
  2. (mycology) A stalk of a fungus fruiting body.
  3. (anatomy) A stalk-shaped body part; an anatomical part that resembles a stem or stalk.
  4. (zoology) A narrow stalk-like body part connecting specific segments in certain insects and some other arthropods.
    Synonym: petiole
    1. A petiole; the connection between the thorax and abdomen of an insect of suborder Apocrita.
    2. The connection between the cephalothorax and abdomen of a spider.
      • 1996, Michael J. Roberts, Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe, Collins, page 10:
        Spiders have the body clearly divided into two pieces which are joined by a narrow stalk, the pedicel.
    3. The second segment of the antenna of an insect, between the scape and the flagellum.
  5. (zoology) The segment of an antler that attaches to the head of a cervid.

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Borrowed from French pédicelle.

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pedicel n (plural pedicele)

  1. pedicel

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