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From Swedish port. Meaning "port" (in electronics and computing) is a semantic loan from English port.




  1. gate
  2. (electronics) gate
  3. (electronics) port (connector of an electronic device)
  4. (computing) port (ie. of a web server)
  5. (anatomy) hilum, hilus (fissure through which ducts, nerves, or blood vessels enter and leave a gland or organ)
  6. portal
  7. (croquet) hoop; wicket (US)


Inflection of portti (Kotus type 5/risti, tt-t gradation)
nominative portti portit
genitive portin porttien
partitive porttia portteja
illative porttiin portteihin
singular plural
nominative portti portit
accusative nom. portti portit
gen. portin
genitive portin porttien
partitive porttia portteja
inessive portissa porteissa
elative portista porteista
illative porttiin portteihin
adessive portilla porteilla
ablative portilta porteilta
allative portille porteille
essive porttina portteina
translative portiksi porteiksi
instructive portein
abessive portitta porteitta
comitative portteineen