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Etymology 1Edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (valuable).



  1. (of things) valuable; precious
    của quý
    valuable belongings
  2. (of people) that one holds honorable or respectable; important
    Hôm nay nhà mình có khách quý. Mấy đứa nhớ chào hỏi lễ phép nhá.
    We're having some important guests today. You kids don't forget to give them a cordial welcome and behave yourselves.



  1. to treasure; to hold dear
    Mẹ nó quý nó lắm. Cái gì cũng chiều.
    His mom really loves him. She panders to his every whim.
    Synonym: trân trọng



  1. (honorific, only in fixed expressions) honorific prefix
    quý ông; quý ngài
    a gentleman
    quý bà
    a lady
    quý vị
    sir; ma'am; everyone; you; our honorable audience
    Kính thưa quý vị và các bạn.
    Dear our treasured audience.
    quý ông bà anh chị em
    honorable audience
    Quý khách có muốn dùng gì nữa không ạ?
    Is there anything else you would like, sir/ma'am/our honorable customers?
Usage notesEdit
  • Used quite similarly to Japanese (o, go), although not as broadly applicable.

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Etymology 2Edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .



  1. (of a year) a quarter
    thành tích quý 1
    first quarter achievements

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