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polynomial degrees
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From French quadratique (1765), from Latin quadrātus + -ique[1] (English -ic), form of quadrō (I make square), from quādrus (square), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *kʷetwóres (four), whence also Latin four.


quadratic (not comparable)

  1. square-shaped
  2. (mathematics) of a polynomial, involving the second power (square) of a variable but no higher powers, as  .
  3. (mathematics) of an equation, of the form  .
  4. (mathematics) of a function, of the form  .



quadratic (plural quadratics)

  1. (mathematics) A quadratic polynomial, function or equation.

Usage notesEdit

Not to be confused with quartic (degree four). Both derive ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *kʷetwóres (four), with quadratic coming from “four-sided”, hence “square, two-dimensional, degree two”.

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