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From Middle English questor, from Latin quaestor, from an old participle form of quaerō.

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quaestor (plural quaestors)

  1. (historical) An Ancient Roman official responsible for public revenue and other financial affairs.
  2. (historical) The Quaestor sacri palatii of the late Roman Empire and Byzantium; first generally a legislator, then judicial official, and eventually an honorary title by the 14th century.
  3. (historical) In the Middle Ages, an officer who announced indulgences.

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quaestor m (plural quaestoren or quaestors or quaestores, diminutive quaestortje n, feminine quaestrix)

  1. treasurer

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For Proto-Italic *kʷaistōr, as quaerō +‎ -tor.

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quaestor m (genitive quaestōris); third declension

  1. quaestor
    Hypernym: magistrātus
    • c. 52 BCE, Julius Caesar, Commentarii de Bello Gallico 6.6:
      Caesar partitis copiis cum Gaio Fabio legato et Marco Crasso quaestore celeriterque effectis pontibus adit tripertito, aedificia vicosque incendit, magno pecoris atque hominum numero potitur.
      Caesar, having divided his forces with C. Fabius, his lieutenant, and M. Crassus his questor, and having hastily constructed some bridges, enters their country in three divisions, burns their houses and villages, and gets possession of a large number of cattle and men.

Declension edit

Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative quaestor quaestōrēs
Genitive quaestōris quaestōrum
Dative quaestōrī quaestōribus
Accusative quaestōrem quaestōrēs
Ablative quaestōre quaestōribus
Vocative quaestor quaestōrēs

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