roll up

See also: rollup and roll-up


Alternative formsEdit


roll up

  1. Used to call the attention of potential purchasers.
    Roll up, roll up! Pies for sale!


roll up (third-person singular simple present rolls up, present participle rolling up, simple past and past participle rolled up)

  1. (transitive) To make something into a particular shape, especially cylindrical or fold-like.
    Antonyms: unroll, unscroll, roll down
    The shopkeeper had to roll up the poster to make it easier to carry.
    When they told you not to fold, spindle, or mutilate a punchcard, the spindling referred to rolling it up.}}
    He rolled up his shirt sleeves.
    1. (transitive) To pack up into a bundle or bindle.
      Antonyms: pack up, pack
      Antonyms: unroll, unpack
  2. (transitive) To raise (a car window, rolling door, or rolling security barrier).
    The shopkeeper had to roll up the security barrier to open the shop.
    Synonym: wind up
    Antonyms: roll down, wind down
  3. (role-playing games, intransitive) To roll the dice necessary to create a character for a game, especially a role-playing game.
  4. (intransitive) To arrive by vehicle, usually by car.
    We thought Jim would be late for the wedding, but then we saw him roll up in front of the church in his Mercedes.
    Don't be rolling up to my door without calling ahead.

Derived termsEdit



roll up (plural roll ups)

  1. Alternative form of rollup