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royna (third person singular past indicative royndi, third person plural past indicative roynt, supine roynt)

  1. to experience
  2. to try out, to test, to dabble
  3. to fish
  4. (medio-passive) roynast - to result

Usage notesEdit

  • royna gott av einum - to have good experiences with someone
  • royna ilt av einum - to have bad experiences with someone
  • royna roysni - to show one's strength (manhood)
  • royn teg ! - now show us the ropes!
  • (kvæði): royna sund við hvítabjørn - to swim with the polar bear (swimming contest)
  • royna seg - to dabble in
  • royna eftir fiski - to fish
  • royna við snøri - "to try with a line" (= to fish with a line)
  • vit royndu við Føroyar - we fished nearby the Faroes



Related termsEdit

  • roynd (attempt, trial, test, experience)