run off

See also: runoff, run off with, and run-off



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run off (third-person singular simple present runs off, present participle running off, simple past ran off, past participle run off)

  1. To flee or depart quickly.
    Don't run off before the end of the event.
    He ran off to France leaving her with all the debts and three children to bring up.
    • 1966, The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon
      My girlfriend's run off with my car
      And gone back to her ma and pa.
  2. (idiomatic) To make photocopies, or print.
    Please run off a couple dozen more flyers to pass out.
  3. (idiomatic) To write something quickly.
    Shakespeare could run off a play in just a couple of days.
  4. (of a liquid) To pour or spill off or over.
    They kept a barrel to store rainwater that has run off the roof.
  5. To cause to flow away.
    to run off a charge of molten metal from a furnace
  6. To chase someone away.
    If anyone comes into this field, the bull will soon run them off.
  7. To operate by a particular energy or fuel source.
    This radio runs off batteries.


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